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Your guide on how to interpret your candles. Candle readings have been practiced for a very long time, as far back as the Greek and Roman era and in various other cultures. It’s a form of Divination. Learning how to interpret candles and their meanings is a useful way of knowing whether your spiritual work is going in the right direction. 


This is a good sign! If your candle flame is tall and strong, it means that any obstacles that may occur, your candle magick is strong enough to overcome the obstacles. Your intentions are heard and have the possibility of manifesting. This is a positive indication that your spell’s energies are supportive behind your intention.


Flickering flames are believed to mean that a spirit is nearby and is ready to communicate with you and listen. The flame can also flicker directionally. Pay close attention and see if it keeps going into a specific direction. If it flickers North, it indicates that the cause is a physical one and not caused by spirits. If it flickers East, it means that your candle magick is charged with mental magick that your spell is super charged. If it flickers South, it means that strong energy surrounds your intention and that your spell will be a success. If it flickers West, it means strong emotions play part in your spell and which also holds strong energy.


This depends on what you’re working on. It can mean that spirits are wanting to communicate with you. If you’re working with deities, silence your mind and listen to what messages they have for you. If you’re working with ancestors, listen to their guidance and wisdom. Answers and guidance can come in forms of thoughts or signs. In cases where you’re doing protection work, a popping sound can be a negative sign and mean that someone is against you, talking about and planning something to do harm. 


When a flame goes out by itself, it can mean that your intention was received and that your spell is complete, but it can also mean that your spell may face oppositions. 


If the flame is low, this means the energy is too low to charge the spell. If the flame weakens even more, this signifies that the spell will not work or it will product weak results. It’s best to try your spell another time when you feel stronger. If the flame starts off as weak and gradually grows and becomes stronger, it means the energy is rising and that your intention will manifest.


Black Soot – It may mean challenges or obstacles. If black soot appears on top of the candle and you see white soot further down, it means that the obstacle will be overcome. If black soot is near the bottom of the candle, it means that a challenge ha interrupted your spiritual work. 

White Soot – White soot near the bottom means your spell was helped unknown forces (sprits or deities) and will most likely succeed. 

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We have a variety of ritual candles available for different intentions. 
Please follow the safety instruction that come with your candle. Make sure to trim your wicks and avoid placing candles near drafts such as open windows or doors. Please make sure avoid placing candles near objects that can catch fire and never leave a burning candle unattended.