Candle Magick Witchcraft

Unleashing the Enigma of Candle Magick

Are you familiar with the mystical powers of candle magick? Prepare to be astonished by the transformative potential of this ancient art. Candle magick serves as a conduit for materializing your deepest desires. By harnessing the energy of candles, oils, and herbs, you can manifest your intentions with remarkable efficacy.

Essential Tools for Candle Magick

To embark on your journey, ensure that you have all the necessary materials within your grasp. Candle magick demands meticulous preparation, and assembling the appropriate tools beforehand ensures a well-structured and powerful ritual. The clarity of your visualization and intention plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome. Thus, here are the fundamental items you’ll need for adorning a candle:

The initial step involves selecting a candle that resonates with your intention. Different colors and types of candles possess distinct properties, making it imperative to choose wisely. We’ll delve further into this aspect later.

Herbs: Similar to candle colors, various herbs possess unique magical properties. Select herbs that align harmoniously with your intended purpose. If your aim is to attract love, consider incorporating rose or jasmine; for inviting wealth, cinnamon or nutmeg might be your allies.

Conjure Oils or Essential Oils: These oils serve to anoint the candle, just like herbs, carrying their own enchanting properties. Specific Conjure Oils contain a blend of herbs and essential oils, precisely targeting particular intentions. For example, oils like Blood Lust or Ardent Rose enhance the energy of love, while our Fortune Favors the Brave Oil attract monetary abundance. Conjure oils simplify the process by encompassing all the essential elements. Essential oils, on the other hand, extract the essence of singular herbal constituents like flowers, plants, or roots. Their purity mirrors the use of individual herbs. Applying a carrier oil is also an option when utilizing an herbal mixture.

Selecting the Perfect Candle

When choosing a candle to amplify your intention, careful consideration of color and type is pivotal. Each color possesses its own symbolism and purpose, allowing you to align your energy with your desired outcome.

White candles: Representing purity, healing, and spiritual growth, white candles find utility in purification rituals, spiritual advancement, and invoking blessings. Their versatility extends to encompassing any ritual, as they possess the ability to attract divine energy.

Green Candles: Indispensable for prosperity and abundance rituals, green candles harmonize with the energies of financial growth and stability. They prove highly effective in any Money Drawing workings.

Red candles: Associated with passion, love, and desire, red candles imbue rituals with intense energy. However, exercise caution, as they can also be employed for discordant or undesirable rituals. For fostering commitment and enduring love, pink candles are a more suitable choice.

Blue candles: Aligned with moon work, healing, intuition, justice, and truth, blue candles synchronize beautifully with the moon’s potent energy. Combining them with other colored candles during specific moon phases, such as the waxing moon (full moon), yields exceptional results.

Purple candles: A catalyst for power, mediation, clairvoyance, and spirituality, purple candles empower those seeking to amplify their psychic abilities, expand awareness, or work with the third eye chakra. They serve as a formidable accompaniment to rituals or spells aimed at enhancing personal power.

Yellow candles: Reverberating with happiness, joy, creativity, clarity, positive energy, and solar forces, yellow candles radiate an invigorating aura, ideal for illuminating one’s path.

Orange candles: A harbinger of manifestation, new beginnings, success, attraction, ambition, and the rediscovery of lost treasures, orange candles pave the way for transformation and achievement.

Black candles: Symbolizing banishment, purification, and cleansing, black candles act as an exorcising force, eliminating negativity from one’s life.

Pink candles: Exuding the essence of romance and emotional intimacy, pink candles kindle new relationships, deepen existing bonds, and invoke unconditional love. They also prove valuable in friendship, reconciliation, and self-acceptance rituals, fostering a nurturing environment.

Cleansing the Candle

Prior to commencing any candle magic, it is crucial to cleanse the candle, purging it of any lingering negative energies. A simple smudging ritual with purple sage or palo santo suffices to purify and prepare the candle for its sacred purpose.

Anointing Your Candle

After selecting your candle, the next step involves anointing it. Begin by placing a few drops of oil in your palms, then gently rub the oil into your hands. Starting from the middle of the candle, stroke the oil up the length of the candle. Return to the middle and draw the oil downward, completing the anointing process.

Alternatively, you can tailor your anointing technique to your specific intention. If you seek to attract something into your life, hold the candle in front of you, with the wick facing away from your body. Rub the oil from the wick towards yourself, focusing your energy on drawing your desired outcome closer. Conversely, if you wish to rid yourself of something, commence at the base of the candle (the side closest to your body) and push the oil away from you. Throughout this process, concentrate your energy on your intention, visualizing the candle’s power magnifying your desires.

Dressing Your Candle

Once the candle is anointed, proceed to dress it with herbs. Place your tray or plate of herbs nearby and gently roll the anointed candle within the herbal mixture. While doing so, channel your intention and focus your energy on the desired outcome. Ensure a gentle coating of dried herbs, being cautious not to overdo it. Excessive herbs can interfere with the candle’s burn and pose a fire hazard. Always burn a dressed candle in a safe location, under constant supervision.

Using Pre-Dressed Candles

Pre-dressed candles provide a convenient and efficient way to engage in candle magick. They have already been adorned with a precisely curated blend of herbs, and adorned with corresponding crystals, super charging the energy of your intentions. You can also use our ritual oils to add extra potency to your candle. To utilize these candles, simply light the wick and allow their enchanting energy to flow effortlessly into your ritual or spiritual practice as you focus on your intention. You may also write on a petition paper and place it underneath the candle with your intention. 

Setting Intentions and Performing the Ritual

With your anointed and dressed candle in hand, it is time to infuse it with your intentions and commence the ritual. Seek a quiet space where interruptions are unlikely, and settle yourself beside the candle, focusing on your intentions.

Light the candle, allowing your attention to fixate upon the dancing flame. Visualize your intentions manifesting before your eyes, and believe that they have already materialized. As the candle gradually burns down, release your intentions into the vast expanse of the universe. Embrace the art of surrender, letting go of expectations, and placing your trust in the universe’s ability to manifest your desires in a manner that aligns with your highest good.

We have a variety of ritual candles and ritual oils available for different intentions. 
Please follow the safety instruction that come with your candle. Make sure to trim your wicks and avoid placing candles near drafts such as open windows or doors. Please make sure to avoid placing candles near objects that can catch fire and never leave a burning candle unattended.