Magick is simple. It’s causing change by directing the energy of your will. Will power is the fuel for magick, and with desire, is what will change the outcome. Your will power is the key which opens all doors to endless possibilities and success.

Will Power
The power that resides within our own bodies is called “willpower”. It is what fuels us to bring about change to certain circumstances. Everyday we store energy from the moon, the sun, the food and drinks we consume which we release during movement such as exercise and even through our emotional state of mind. When it comes to magick, we learn to harness this energy and infuse it with out intent, then release it to manifest our goal.

The Art Of Relaxation
The first step to creative visualization is to learn the art of relaxation. Find a place where you would not be disturbed and where you feel like you can completely relax. Keep in mind that the technique of relaxation is letting go and not forcing something to happen. Lay down or sit, whichever is more comfortable and close your eyes. Bring your attention to your breathing. Slowly breath in, and slowly exhale without strain. Keep your attention on your breathing and continue to do this for a few minutes. At this point, thoughts will most likely enter your mind, if this happens, just re direct your attention to your breathing… you’ll notice you become more calm and restful.

Tip: You can create your atmosphere by lighting a candle and some incense if it will help you relax.

When you inhale, imagine that you are becoming stronger and more in control.
When you exhale, imagine that you are letting go of any tension, negativity, thoughts that don’t serve you, and exhale them out. You can also say some affirmations such as, (I welcome solutions and new possibilities, when you inhale, I banish negativity, doubts and fears, when you exhale. This is just an example. Use the words that describe what you’d like to bring in and what you’d like to let go of.

Do not strain, continue to relax and continue for as long as you’d like. And again, if you begin to become distracted by intruding thoughts, re direct your attention to your breathing.

The art of relaxation may require some practice, but just like with any new skill, when you learn and practice it, you develop it. This is a great technique to reduce stress, improve your focus and your general health and it is the prelude to creative visualization!


When you are finished with the first exercise, by now you should be calm and relaxed… you can move onto this step which is affirmations. Affirmations are receptive phrases or desires that are designed to impact the sub conscious mind (inner mind), but only if you believe the affirmation you are thinking! For example, if you say “ I have an abundant amount of money” it is simply a manufactured thought and holds no power, but if you repeat the same phrase “I have an abundant amount of money and put feeling behind it, as in imagine the feeling you would get if you did have that abundant amount of money, then it’s different, it holds power, because now there is intention behind that thought.

The inner mind is now more receptive to this idea. So if you use the same statement repeatedly, with conviction, your inner mind eventually begins to respond to this and it becomes a belief. Anything that is repeated forms into a belief. It’s the same with using phrases like I can’t do this, or this is too difficult, you repeat these negative affirmations and you end up believing them, and the result follows. No one has ever said they can’t do something and have succeeded at doing it. Nothing advances unless you convince yourself that an idea is possible. You have to believe that it can be done, despite whether others believe if it’s possible or not. The important thing is that you believe in yourself.

We all have a screen type mechanism that filters out thoughts preventing all of them from reaching the inner mind and making all of them manifest immediately. Life would be impossible if absolutely everything we thought about and visualized came true. So when we think, or imagine things with our conscious mind, our screen type of mechanism prevents everything to go through which is why when you visualize your desire and outcome, it has a buffer effect and takes time for it to appear.

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization uses the vast potential of the inner mind (also known as your subconscious mind), which is where all of your habits of thinking and acting are stored, among other things.

When you visualize, you are tapping into your sub conscious mind to communicate what you are wanting to manifest. The inner mind responds to beliefs and we can modify the beliefs that hinder us. The way you can modify those beliefs is by accessing your inner mind through relaxation. Relaxation calms and controls the conscious mind, and with practice and persistence, it can become second nature. The more tranquil you are, the more you can control your conscious mind, and the easier it will be for you to gain access to your inner mind.

Creative visualization is all about controlling your imagination. When you think about something, you begin to imagine it, your mind holds pictures. For example, I begin speaking about a rose, immediately a picture of a rose arises in your mind and the more you think about it, the more vivid it becomes. This goes the same with worries or fear. Your mind begins to create unpleasant scenarios, scenarios that haven’t even come true, but can come true, because with enough repetition, it becomes embedded into your sub conscious mind. Same goes with good things, which is why it’s important to focus more on the positive rather than the negative. 

There are 3 aspects to the creative visualization process. The power of thought, the power of feeling and the power of imagination. 

The first stage in this process is to create your intention… you must know exactly what you want. The next stage is to hold to your intention regardless of your current circumstances. Be persistent in presenting your idea to your inner mind. You can use positive affirmations as previously discussed. If doubtful thoughts begin to creep in, set those aside, realize that they aren’t true and bring back your focus onto your intention. It helps to keep in mind that with persistence, results will come as you change your thinking, and in return are bound to change your circumstances. The more positive you think about your intention and the more visualization and feeling you put behind it, the quicker it will come. Construct the picture in your mind of what you are trying to achieve, how will it play out? What does the scenery look like where this is taking place? Focus on the feeling, the emotions that arise. Feel that it has already come true. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what you see and believe to be true and what you imagine to be true, both conjure feeling.

Once your visualized intention is set up, through persistent use of these techniques, you train your mind and begin to take action on new possibilities that you may have not seen before. Your thinking shapes your outcome and your circumstances change through action. This is what real Magick is.

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