Road Opening Ritual Spell Oil Witchcraft

In traditional magick, the energies of essential oils, plants and herbs for ritual purposes is very common. A correctly working Ritual Oil is infused with corresponding herbs and crystals specific to the intention. When working with Ritual Oils or any type of Spell Oil, to personalize it further to your intention, you must focus and visualize your desire as if it has already manifested. But how exactly do you apply a Ritual Oil in your ritual? Here are some of the many ways our oils can be utilized and how they can enhance your spiritual work. 

Charging your Oil with Intention

• Think of your intention and make sure it’s clear. For instance, if you’d like to enhance prosperity, think of exactly how you would like to be prosperous and how it will feel to have that in the present moment. (This is just an example).

• Hold your ritual oil between your hands in front of you. Close your eyes, visualize your intent. Meditate with your visualization for a few minutes and imagine your intent as a glowing white light flowing into the bottle. Conjure the feeling of being wealthy (or whatever your intention is) and really feel the emotion. Emotions send out energy. Repeat this process as many times as you’d like, until you feel your oil is ready and charged to your specific intention.

• You may also charge your ritual oil under moonlight on a specific moon phase if you’re doing a particular ritual that requires it.

• You may chant your intent over the Conjure Oil each night until you feel it is complete by holding it in both hands and focusing your energy and intention into the Ritual Oil. 

Anointing Candles & Other Tools

Your oil is now charged with your specific intention and it’s ready to use for your spell/ritual/spiritual work/meditation. 
There are different objects you can use your ritual oil to anoint. You can anoint candles, jewelry/talismans, crystals, vision boards and even self. 

• To anoint your pillar candles, a common method is to dab a drop or two on your finger and run your fingers (onto the body of the candle only, avoid the wick) in an upward motion from the center of the candle to the top. Repeat the same process for the bottom of the candle by starting at the bottom then to the center and stop. Rotate the candle for each direction and repeat the process until the entire candle has been coated. The entire time you are anointing your candle, concentrate on the outcome you wish to achieve with your ritual. Experienced casters often anoint the candle depending on what type of intention they are looking to manifest. For spells to attract/bring in, the candle is anointed from the center to the top, then from the bottom to the center. For spells to banish/get rid of negativity, bad habits, break jinxes/hexes, the candle is anointed from the top to the center, then from the center to the bottom which signifies pushing away. (Note: Avoid making back and forth motions while anointing)

• To anoint your Ritual Candles (already fixed candles), dab a drop or two on your fingers and in a clockwise direction, anoint the body of the candle (avoid the wick) with oil. 

To anoint your talismans, jewelry, crystals, vision boards, altar space etc. Dab a drop on the object and massage it with the oil as you concentrate and visualize the outcome you are wanting to achieve. 

Anointing Self

For anointing self. Dab a drop on your neck/wrists and visualize your intention. You can do this during ritual, before bed or in the morning, whenever you need. You may also add a drop or two to warm bath water to enhance your ritual bath. To super charge your bath, you may browse through our Luxury Ritual Bath Salts for your specific need to complete your experience. 

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