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In today’s world, where the cost of living keeps¬†rising, money plays a crucial role in our lives. It shapes our realities and helps us pursue our dreams. For many centuries, people seeking wealth and financial success have explored various spiritual and mystical methods. One¬†common practice is using special oils, candles, and ritual baths designed to align with abundance and attract money. These oils and candles contain herbs and crystals, and help attune and align to help attract prosperity. Let’s explore these tools, each with its own power to energetically align you with the frequency of abundance. Once you eliminate the scarcity mindset, and you’re in alignment, abundance flows effortlessly in all areas of your life!

Luck & Prosperity¬†Oil: Fortune Favors the Brave oil is a popular pick for those aiming for financial success and abundance. It’s a great choice to use for rituals and spells that are for improving your financial situation and business outcomes. The essential oils, herbs, and crystals in this blend have properties that are in correspondence with all things in relation to finances. To use this oil, you can apply it to anything related to money such as your wallet, credit cards, etc.¬†¬†If you decide to put it on your skin, imagine money flowing easily into your life. We often recommend it to those looking to open doors to financial prosperity. Feel free to check out our blog on how to use our ritual oils.

Snake Lily Money Drawing Oil is another sought-after conjure oil, cherished for its ability to nurture a mindset of abundance and attract financial success. It’s crafted with herbs and green aventurine crystals which have strong ties to wealth, success, and spiritual blessings. Snake Lily Money Drawing Oil can be use in a wide range of rituals and spells dedicated to money and abundance. Focus on your intention and anoint your body, wallet, or any significant items. You can also anoint yourself as you say your positive affirmations. This potent oil acts as a tool to shift your consciousness toward a mindset of abundance, paving the way for you to manifest financial opportunities. Consider incorporating Snake Lily Money Drawing Oil into your daily routines, reinforcing your belief in your ability to attract wealth and cultivate an abundant life.

Money Manifest Candle: This popular money drawing candle is crafted to attract money and success, making it one of the most sought-after options for financial abundance. It’s adorned with herbs that correspond with attracting luck, prosperity, abundance, and new opportunities, A potent Money Candle is believed to boost your luck, abundance, and opportunities. The patchouli aroma and energy of this Money Drawing Candle is specifically aimed to boost your confidence, draw in prosperity, and ignite financial success. As you use this candle, envision money flowing into your life effortlessly, with a sense of gratitude.

Money Ritual Bath:¬†Fortune Favors the Brave Bath Salt is a magical blend designed to infuse your bathing ritual with the energy of courage, luck, and prosperity. Crafted with carefully selected herbs, essential oils, and salts, this bath salt may enhance your personal power and open the doors to new opportunities. Here’s how you can do a money bath using Fortune Favors the Brave Bath Salt.

Prepare Your Bath: Start by drawing a warm bath. As the water fills the tub, visualize it as a pool of potential and opportunities. You can add a handful of “Fortune Favors the
Brave Ritual Bath Salt” to the water. Swirl it around to dissolve and infuse the bath with its magical properties.

Set Your Intention: Before stepping into the bath, take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and focus on your intention. What kind of fortune or success are you seeking? For example, are you looking for a new job opportunity? Or it could be that you’re looking to become successful with your business. Be clear and specific in your mind. Make sure you know your intention.

Enter the Bath: Step into the bath with reverence and intention. As you soak, imagine the saltwater cleansing away any doubts, fears, or obstacles that may be blocking your path to success.

Visualize: Close your eyes and visualize the brave, courageous person you want to be. Invision yourself that you are that person in the now. Picture yourself confidently pursuing your dreams and seizing new opportunities. Feel the energy of courage and good fortune flowing into your being.

Affirmations: While in the bath, repeat affirmations or mantras related to success, courage, and abundance. You can create your own or use phrases like “I am brave and capable,” “Opportunities come to me easily,” or “I attract wealth and prosperity.”

Meditation: Take this time to meditate on your goals and aspirations. Imagine them manifesting in your life.

Gratitude: As you finish your bath, express gratitude for the courage and fortune that you believe are on their way to you. Feel a sense of gratitude for the experience and the magical properties of the bath salt.

Rinse and Refresh: After your magical bath, rinse off any residual salt and pat yourself dry. You can also use a clean white towel or robe to wrap yourself in the energy of purity and positivity.

Remember that the power also has to do with your belief. Trust in the magick and believe in yourself as you embark on your journey toward success and prosperity.

We have a variety of ritual candles and ritual oils available that may aid your ritual bath experience.

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