What are your candles made out of?

We use premium coconut wax. Coconut wax is higher quality, and burns longer and better than soy. Though it’s more expensive than soy, having the best quality candle wax suits our luxury line of candles.

What do you use to scent your candles?

We use fragrance oils specifically formulated for candles. We don’t use essential oils for candle making, because it will cause issues and not allow the candle to burn properly. Candles will not have a great fragrance throw or proper burn if made with essential oils. Our fragrance oils are clean, phthalate free, and quality.

Are our candles safe?

Our candles undergo extensive quality and safety testing and meet the industry standards for performance and safety. However,
every candle on the market is considered a fire hazard when lit. Our candles are fixed with herbs for rituals, and meditation. They include various herbs and crystals which is why it’s impetrative to keep a watch on your candle and never sleep, or leave a burning candle unattended. It’s important to follow the candle safety instructions that are included on each product listing, as well as the candle care card that is included with every 8 oz (10 oz, 11 oz and 12 oz) candle. Candles also have safety labels on the bottom. The tealights have a safety instructions underneath the casing. Please follow the candle safety instructions.


Unopened bottles can last between 12-18 months. Opened bottles can last 6-12 months. Whether opened or unopened, they last long. Store them in a cool dry place and keep them away from direct sunlight to prolong their longevity. Please note that we are no responsible for improper storage. These oils are meant to be used, not stored away for long periods of time. They are very precious, and take a lot of energy and time to make.

Do you use essential oils for any of your products?

Yes, we use the best organic essential oils to make our scents for anointing oils, some perfume oils, incenses, and bath salts. A few of these products do contain fragrance oils, but most contain essential oils.

Are your ritual products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes. All of our products are free of animal testing.

I might be allergic to certain herbs. Do your products cause allergic reactions?

Always conduct an allergy patch test on a small area of your arm and leave it on for 24 hours before committing to a full application. This rule is relevant to oils such as perfume oils, anointing oils, and body oils. Consult with your doctor if in doubt on using products with herbs, essential oils and fragrance oils. There is a possibility that some people may have allergic reactions to various things. We do not have medical history of our customers so it’s up to the buyer to know whether or not they are able to use products with herbs, essential oils or fragrance oils. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

I am new to spirituality. How do I use your product?

We do include ritual instruction cards for candles, incenses and oils. We also have a blog on our official website with instructions on how to use our products. There are many books, videos and other information online where you can further your study. Please keep in mind that we are not permitted to provide spiritual advice or mentor.

How many times should I use your product?

The short answer is, as many times as you’d like. There is no set minimum or maximum number of times to use a ritual tool. For example, if you feel you need some energy clearing in the house, you can light our Pure Magick candle as many times a week as you feel you need to.

I bought this product but I don’t know how to use it or what it does.

Every product has information listed and its corresponding properties. If this is your first time using one of our products, please follow the instruction card that came with it. If it’s a candle, oil, or incense, a instruction card is included with these products. Products such as our tar water and soaps have instructions on the back of the labels. We take time and do the maximum of providing information with our products for our customers.

Can I exchange or return my product?

No. As our policy states, we do not offer exchanges or returns on our products because they are limited edition and one of kind. Spiritual products become affected by different energies so we cannot resale them. This is due to spiritual reasons as well as hygienic reasons. All of our products are brand new and freshly made for our customers. Thank you for understanding.

Do you offer wholesale?

Not at this time. 


We sell spiritual products. We don’t sell outcomes, consultations or spiritual advice. Every listing has a description of the product and its corresponding properties. The content provided throughout the website is intended for information purposes only and is based on preserving old age traditions.


We have to state that just like with all spiritual products available on the market, we cannot guarantee results and results may vary for each individual. We sell spiritual products, not outcomes. Our products are to be used to aid your spiritual work. . Eternally Arcane® does not guarantee results and the information provided here should never be used in place of medical advice. It’s the customer’s sole responsibility to know how to use the products in their spiritual practice and to use them responsibly. We are not responsible for any misuse. All product descriptions, services and other content provided is intended for informational purposes only and based on preserving traditions. By purchasing from Eternally Arcane®, you accept our FAQ, Terms of Service and Shop Policy, and release Eternally Arcane® from any and all liability.

inquries or questions?

For inquiries or questions about our products, contact us at info@eternallyarcane.com