Do some reading
Look for books on topics that interest you and gain knowledge. Keep in mind that everyone has their own way of doing magick, so don’t take one book or article as the only way of doing magick, because it isn’t. Be open minded and expand the techniques you learn and practice often. You can also study different herbal and color correspondences. Each herb is known for its different correspondence that aids in your magick, though it is not the main source of magick, you are. Same with candles, which come in a variety of colors that symbolize your intent.

Have realistic expectations
Magick is simple. It’s causing change by directing the energy of your will. Will power is the fuel for magick, along with desire. Your will power is the key which opens all doors to endless possibilities and success. Make sure that when you are doing magick, that your will power aligns and is as great as your desire, otherwise your results may be not be what you expected. Don’t expect to light a candle or do a chant and immediately have your manifestation appear. Magick takes focus, creative visualization, time, practice and patience. So be realistic in your expectation and be patient with yourself.

You don’t need every tool.
It doesn’t have to be expensive to practice magick. Magick is all around you if you look. Nature is magick, YOU ARE magick. If you feel like it will help you focus by obtaining herbs and other tools in your practice, go right ahead. What you have doesn’t have to be specific, but your intention does. For example, white candles can be universal and used for money, getting a new job, self love, purification etc. Same with herbs, one herb can have 5 or more correspondences such as Cinnamon – has the correspondences of Love, Money, Prosperity, Luck, Strength, Protection. So when you do your spell, you can use Cinnamon for either strength or money, along with a white candle for strength or money.

Creating your altar. 
An altar is your sacred space for doing your meditation work. When building your altar, your first step is picking the location you’d like your altar to be set up in. Preferable areas are somewhere quiet and out of the way like in your bedroom.
The look of your altar is entirely up to you, whether you make it decorative or simple, it depends on how it makes you feel, because your visualization with feeling/emotion, followed with action is what is going to manifest your desire and the altar is the tool that helps you focus and get into the meditative state. Choose things that give you good feelings, things you are drawn to such as your favorite crystals, candles, herbs etc., just make sure you choose visual representations of what you are wanting to manifest. By doing this, it strengthens the spell because it represents your intent and it helps build your focus.


Red Smoke and Rose