Create your Altar
An altar is your sacred space for doing your meditation work. When building your altar, your first step is picking the location you’d like your altar to be set up in. Preferable areas are somewhere quiet and out of the way like in your bedroom. Consider placing your altar near a window. You can open the window during smudging, allowing the smoke an exit path to release the energies that do not serve you.

Making the Altar
This is where you get to personalize your altar. Choose things that give you good feelings, things you are drawn to such as your favorite crystals, candles, herbs etc., just make sure you choose visual representations of what you are wanting to manifest. By doing this, it strengthens the spell because it represents your intent and it helps build your focus. Making your Altar doesn’t have to be expensive or anything decorative. I personally find peace and a certain type of mysticism when I make my altar the way I do because it helps bring me to a elated state. I love the aesthetic of altars and surround mine with a lot of candle light, crystals and herbs that symbolize my desire.
The look of your altar is entirely up to you, whether you make it decorative or simple, it depends on how it makes you feel, because your visualization with feeling/emotion, followed with action is what is going to manifest your desire. 
The altar is the tool that helps you focus and get into the meditative state.

Cleanse your crystals
It sounds like a simple practice but it is greatly effective in washing off old energies. There are some crystals that are self cleaning such as selenite, but there are some which is helpful to cleanse every now and then, especially crystals that have been used for previous spells. Once your spell has manifested, let some time pass and clean them before the next one! Here are 5 ways to cleanse your crystals.


It’s a very old and traditional way to cleanse something of bad energies. Everything is susceptible to bad energy, (everything is energy.) You can buy kits online such as palo santo, rosemary and lavender smudge sticks. Light the smudge stick and pass through the crystal or object you are cleansing with the smoke. You can also say a positive affirmation while doing this.


This is one of my favorite ways to bathe and recharge my crystals. Place your crystals outside and let them bathe in the moonlight letting them sit overnight. You can also make moon water the same way! Fill up a jar of purified water, and place it outside for a few hours or leave it overnight. You now have moon water!


Essential oils have so many health benefits. Not only do essential oils have amazing scents, but they reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and help you sleep better. There are multiple ways to use essential oils. The best way I find to use essential oils is diluting them with a carrier oil such as avocado, almond, or jojoba oil.

● Breathing – You can also simply open the bottle and breath in the calming scent. 

● Skin – Another way is to place some essential oil on your skin, but please make sure it is diluted! It can be too harsh for some people to put essential oil directly on skin. You can rub the diluted oil on your feet, on the earlobes, wrists and temples.

● Oil Diffuser – Get yourself a oil diffuser. Fill it up with water and the oil in the diffuser’s chamber, the device converts the oils to microparticles that are distributed in the air. Oil diffusers scent your home, clean the air and benefit your body.

There are many essential oils you can find online and many types of scents to choose from. Just make sure you do your research and find the ones you think may be right for you! Also keep in mind that some essential oils may be toxic to some animals. Make sure your essential oils are safe by doing your research.

I am sure you know how importance self-care is. When you do self-care, your performance in daily tasks increase and you become more productive! If you’re stressed, feeling down etc., your chances of being as productive are lower, which is why self-care is imperative. When you learn how to manage stress levels and balance your mind, your spell work will be much more effective! Here are some simple self-care tips.

Learn how to mediate. There are countless of videos online where they show you how to mediate. Meditation does take patience and practice, but once you learn it, it does wonders for your mind and body. You can find guided meditation videos online or read books on it if you feel more comfortable. Meditation relieves stress, helps you sleep better and feel well rested the next day, and aids in balancing your mind among other benefits.

Ritual Bath 

A ritual bath can be done on any day. It’s good to relax and take a moment to yourself. You can decorate your bath with some of our beautifully scented candles to make that ambient atmosphere and use our bath salts or bath sachets to soak in. All of our bath products are made with calming herbs and are infused with fragrance or essential oils to help give you a relaxing bath.

If you love reading books as much as I do, then this will be an easy one. Books permit us to tap into the wisdom of the greatest minds, those with power and understanding, drawn from the planet and all of its history. We gain knowledge and travel to endless possibilities. They are our best teachers. You should never stop learning and continue to expand your knowledge on subjects that interest you. Books to me are therapeutic and exercise my mind. It’s as if everything around me disappears because I become so enveloped in the subject I am learning about. If you’re not a book reader, try reading some short articles online in topics you’re interested in. Knowledge truly is power.

When you utilize some of these tips, it will help you become more balanced and just overall feeling better for when you do cast. Your energy levels are up, your mind is at ease, you are feeling more relaxed and in turn, your spell is more effective.

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