Eternally Arcane products are handmade, natural and organic. We provide natural bath/scrub salts, ritual soaps, herbal bath sachets, herbal powders, candles, crystals and tools.

Please refrain from purchasing Eternally Arcane products, if there are any allergies to any herbs and or ingredients. All products are not for consumption. Eternally Arcane is not responsible for buyers avoiding warning and/or refusal to read ingredients contained in the products or any allergies that may occur. We do not know the medical history of our customers, so please use with caution.



All payments made through paypal must be through a verified paypal account. Orders will be canceled if your account is not verified and your address isn’t confirmed.

Credit/Debit Cards

All orders will be shipped to the card holder’s billing address. Card holder’s Address and Billing address must be identical for order to finish processing. If you are ordering for someone else, we will request a notice for signature when your order arrives.

Declined Transactions

Your bank/credit card company will automatically decline your transaction if your address and or zip code doesn’t match with the address you have on file with your bank/credit card company. Your bank/credit company will decline your transaction if the security number doesn’t match the number on your card. If your transaction has been declined, please contact your bank/credit company for further information. Eternally Arcane is not responsible for any declined transactions, so please make sure you have provided the correct information.

Please Read

Eternally Arcane is required to state that all items are sold as curios. Eternally Arcane products are tools to aid you during your spell/ritual. It is up to you to produce your desired results while using these tools to attune.

Please Use Caution

All products created by Eternally Arcane are NOT for consumption. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Eternally Arcane will not be held liable for any misuse of any products purchased. Please keep all Eternally Arcane products away from children and animals. If you have a history of allergies, please avoid purchasing. Buyer assumes all responsibility for products once purchased.

By purchasing Eternally Arcane products, you accept the statement and release Eternally Arcane from all liability. Eternally Arcane does not issue any refunds or authorize returns for any reason. All sales are final.