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Fortune Favors the Brave™ Money Drawing Meditation Ritual Spell Candle


Fortune Favors the Brave is our beautiful prosperity candle that aids in abundance, prosperity, luck, and new job endeavors. This candle amplifies the energy of your intention and makes material matters manifest with more ease when using the power of the will and taking corresponding action towards the desire. When a desire is born, it takes the power of the will to bring forth change to a circumstance. Hand poured with pure intention and scented with a proprietary blend of warm sandalwood, amber and coriander unite as dark musk completes making it a euphoric, woodsy scent. Candle is topped with hand selected herbs which are in correspondence with luck, abundance and fortune, as well as pyrite, (a stone for use in prosperity manifestation), and a green aventurine stone, (the stone of opportunity and luck).